"Cowboys and Indians" stories ne'er to abate

Mining company raids camp at Eagle Rock, Michigan and arrests two, to make way for a nickel and copper mine. “Despite federal treaties that allow Ojibwa to hunt, fish and gather on the Yellow Dog Plains, the state of Michigan leased the land to Kennecott to open a sulfide mine.” ‘… What is going to happen if the mine collapses into the Trout Salmon River?’

In this story, a federal treaty is being broken by a State economic development initiative, with native tribes and the environment caught in the middle. States rights are not absolute. Human and environmental rights trump greed only in a perfect world.

If our planet and its people are just resources (human resources departments are in every major corporation), then WHO are these resources for? WHAT are they for? Ultimately, WHY is the Earth here?

If our planet is simply a stage where predators and prey jostle for life and death – the use of our lowest, most depraved part of the brain is encouraged under our current global economic system – WHERE does that leave us as a species? If animals feel love and pain, empathy and compassion, WHEN will the “progressive” human race as a whole manifest these qualities as it obliterates the very animals, habitats and communities that exhibit them?


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