Rebuilding Greensburg, Kansas

Greensburg is slated to be the premier energy efficient and environmentally-friendly town in Kansas, following the tragic tornado event on May 4, 2007. In light of this, I asked the resident engineering team a few things. Below is the conversation.


Is Greensburg, Kansas planning to build heavy industrial upstream from town?

Engineers’ Response:

Greensburg is planning to build heavy industrial upstream from town. That is WHERE it has always been due to proximity to rail service and 4-lane adjacency. The heavy industrial is not that terrifying – considering that the required grain elevators and fertilizer services have always been on the north edge of the City. They are just enlarging the industrial tracts somewhat because of the relocation of the proposed Highway 54/400 issues with KDOT; and the funding opportunities resulting from Rural Development and FEMA programs. They want to be ready with some parcels to offer industries who wish to move back OR industries they may be able to attract for future growth.

Planner’s Response (Mine):

About the industrial initiatives, they need to make sure that possible hazards are mitigated – would like to see how the Hazard Mitigation Plan due to FEMA is incorporating those industrial growth plans, in light of what happened in Coffeyville. I think from now on, planners should advise cities to try to locate potentially polluting industries (in event of a breach, accident, etc.) downstream, to avoid having contaminants travel downstream THROUGH town.

So much for the environmentally friendly and energy efficient cutting-edge new town in Kansas.

First published July 5, 2007


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