City Hall Threatens £5,000 Fine for Boy “Playing Too Loudly”

Council Threatens £5,000 Fine for Boy “Playing Too Loudly”

The boy must have been screaming as loudly as a screeching train whistling at lightning speeds through a small town at midnight. I cannot imagine how a child’s scream can be “valued” at more than $10,000USD. That is one expensive scream.

So, where can the children play?

Free Lemonade Meets Resistance From Farmers’ Market President |

Free Lemonade Meets Resistance From Farmers’ Market President |

People are really losing their way around the public realm as the public sphere erodes into sundry pointless private fiefdoms. This article shows layers of issues that one must unravel to arrive at the basic issue that concerns the spirit of our humanity. Perhaps our friend on the sidewalk would have fared better with the so-called president of t-island had he offered lemonade made from organic lemons grown in his backyard. More germane to the discussion would be the question, “Where may the children sell lemonade?” Cities around the country had better hunker down and define “seller” and “vendor” to exclude small doe-eyed children who still have hope for the future, lest hope die with their lemonade dreams.

City Sued over Plan to Turn Sewage into Snow

City Sued over Plan to Turn Sewage into Snow

It seems that there is a long way to go to reclaim grey water, that is, water that is not potable, i.e. that cannot be used for drinking water. This article highlights some of the political fallout of using grey water for uses other than drinking, and pits indigenous water rights against resort developers, while environmental issues are caught in the middle. There are myriad lessons to be learned from this example.