Low vitamin D in children behind current explosion of new diabetes cases

Low vitamin D in children behind current explosion of new diabetes cases.

Children require lots of sunshine. Our great-grandmothers knew this. However, children are now plunked down in front of video games and Wii starting at an early age.

Part of this is because our neighborhoods are no longer designed with child’s play in mind. Parks are becoming larger and difficult to get to. Kids are discouraged from playing in lots and courtyards, and no trespassing signs are everywhere. Streets are designed for fast-moving automobiles and sidewalks are inaccessible, in disrepair, or non-existent.

Apartment dwellers are hard-pressed to find smooth surfaces free of auto-pedestrian interaction on which to set their children free on bicycles. Kids are no longer allowed to play with the neighbors’ children for fear of their safety. The list is incredibly long and points to the need to go back to basics. Design streets with children in mind. Not only will this benefit our children, but the future adults of our society as well. Healthy children grow up into healthy adults. Let’s work to eradicate illness. Let’s design our neighborhoods to be child friendly.


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