For Many Latinos, Race Is More Culture Than Color

As a Mexican-American, born and raised in Mexico City, living in Canada for more than a decade, and in the United States for more than two, AND with Indian, Belgian and Norwegian DNA, I have certainly grappled with the subject of this article:

For Many Latinos, Race Is More Culture Than Color –

I consider myself North American, by my physical residence on this continent, from as far south as Yucatán and as far north as Quebec City, but multi-cultural by heritage, the latter of which includes a love of Spanish literature and culture; pickled herring, possibly from my Norwegian heritage; fine Belgian lace and chocolate; as well as the traditional ashtanga yoga of India.

How would you answer the question, given these parameters? Don’t you think the Census Bureau needs to step out of its box and get creative? Or better yet, perhaps these race-based categories should be scrapped altogether, for a true color-blind and culture-visible, accepting society that more accurately reflects the reality in our American communities? What do you say?


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