1 Million Cups

At the prompting of a local Kansas City Hispanic leader, I attended my very first 1 Million Cups meeting in Lawrence.  http://www.1millioncups.com/.  The featured speaker was the former owner of Local Burger in Kansas, now owner of Hilary’s Eat Well.  The talk, which featured Hilary’s story of her famous veggie burger, which can now be found nationwide and is the fastest selling item in its category, was recorded by a local radio station.  The venue, a repurposed industrial property turned art gallery, Cider Gallery, at 801 Pennsylvania Ave.  The space was well constructed in old fashioned adobe masonry, with large tinted double entry doors on the side and front, and ramps leading up to the boxy structure.  The salient feature?  Hardwood floors made up of wide plank railroad ties.  I will be going back next week.