About Us

Shawn R. Bryan, P.E., CFM

Nalini J Johnson, MUP, AICP

Nalini is an AICP-certified responsible and highly-skilled planner with 18 years of hands-on planning and management experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

With a dynamic background in community organizing and facilitation, her focus has been on creating highly-responsive plans that can be quickly and realistically implemented, for communities ranging in size from incorporated rural towns to large metropolitan areas. Specialized and general plan elements include housing affordability, water supply planning, transportation, capital improvement programming, comprehensive plans, zoning and subdivision regulations, among others. Care is always taken to comply with local, state and national laws; provide extensive community participation opportunities; and approach the unique cultural, environmental and political contexts with sensitivity and professionalism.

Nalini’s planning career began in Montreal, Canada, and took her to the Caribbean; the City of Chicago; and, Midwestern farming communities in Kansas. She has a personal interest in water-scarcity planning, as well as socially and environmentally-sustainable development. Nalini has traveled to more than 115 domestic and international cities, including Brussels, Delhi, Mexico City, and Montreal.  Her current hobbies include e-publishing, music, aromatherapy, hiking and road travel to small farming communities.

Nalini lives in Florida with her family, where her daughters bring a much-needed child’s perspective to her urban design work. Before this, she worked as a private consultant for engineering and planning firms such as URS Corporation, Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC) and BHC Rhodes, in Overland Park, Kansas, where she prepared comprehensive, market studies, public involvement and environmental plans.  Her current planning focus is Form Based Coding, Urban Design and bringing ideas from historic places and spaces, such as Plazas and Courtyards and their integration into the private/public fabric of downtowns and neighborhoods for good placemaking.


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