The Outlaw UrbanistPlan-IT: An Introduction to Planning (Source: Wichita-Sedgwick County MAPD)

Resources for Planners and Teachers (Source: American Planning Association)

Urban Design Resources (Great blog filled with online urban design resources).

The Codes Project (an anthology of “codes, laws and related documents that have created, or sought to create, particular urban forms”).


The Human Scale (Documentary)

La Escala Humana (The Human Scale) in Spanish


The Outlaw Urbanist (Dr. Mark David Major, AICP, CNU-A)

Urban Design Resources (run by Dr. Emily Talen)

For the Love of Cities (Peter Kageyama)


Asset-Based Community Development Institute (ABCD) – Click here for the ABCD toolkit.

Project for Public Spaces (PPS) – the central hub of the global Placemaking movement, connecting people to ideas, expertise, and partners who share a passion for creating vital places.


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